Crystal VanTassel-Lopez

Hey guys, it's Crystal here!!

I am a Dallas mom blogger who runs the site Crystal & Co., where I share resources and solutions for moms. Years ago, back in 2008, I started that site and mostly shared my meal plans each week and journaled the things that were going on in our lives as we raised a big family. Since then, that site has become a place where I love connecting with moms and helping them get dinner on the table as well as sharing educational resources that work for young learners! 

We now have six boys at home (ranging in age from 1-16) and two boys who are grown and living on their own. We homeschool and life can be crazy sometimes. I speak often at local mom groups helping them with meal planning, which is one of the root things I blogged about in the early days. Here is what I tell moms all time, I know what your kids want for dinner.... they just want dinner together around the table. They are not looking for anything fancy, they just want time together. 

I have created a five step meal planning process that I have been using since 2006 when my twins were born. I have also created a meal planning kit to help you get dinner on the table. Soon, we will have printable meal plans here with grocery lists that you can download. You can find all of our meal planning products here

Oh, don't forget, we also have a Facebook group where my SIL (Alex) and I do regular freezer meal prepping and share daily encouragement and recipes to help you Get Dinner on the Table! You can request to join the group here